4 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips


Spring cleaning - it's no secret that spending an entire weekend cleaning sounds like an nightmare, but with a little elbow grease and a lot of willpower, it's easier than it sounds. Here are our tips for easy spring cleaning!

Building a Brighter Future for Bay Children with Dyslexia.


We are proud to be helping to lay the foundation for success for adolescents with dyslexia by sponsoring students suffering from dislexia at Tauranga Intermediate.

3 ways to keep your outdoor living area warm this winter


With many modern homes now incorporating outdoor living areas, it would be a shame to stop using our exterior spaces just because the temperature has dropped a few degrees 

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No chills or mould in your Golden Home this Winter


Building a new home is possibly the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. It takes an enormous amount of time, research and planning; deciding on what features, both cosmetic and structural, are right for you and best fit your family's budget. That's why Golden Homes is the builder of choice for an ever-increasing number of Kiwi families.

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Golden Homes Swim Scholarship recipient makes the New Zealand Commonwealth Games team


Carina Doyle has been aiming for the Commonwealth Games for as long as she can remember.

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Golden Kiwi talent pool rewarded


Swimming is a tough competitive sport. Gruelling early morning training sessions, training again in the afternoon and it is expensive to compete at a national level let alone on the international stage.

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7 simple ways to add warmth to your home this winter


Heating isn't always the only way to add "warmth" to your home. We've put together a list of creative, yet simple ways to make your home feel nice and cosy during the cooler months.

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Kids Bedroom


A child’s bedroom is their sanctuary. They spend so much of their time in their space, whether it’s to sleep, play or learn. It is important that their room reflects who they are and their little personality.

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Leaders Back For Black Sox World Championship Squad


Two of New Zealand's most decorated softballers will return to the Golden Homes New Zealand Black Sox squad for the 2017 world championships in Canada.

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Cellfield at Tauranga Intermediate sponsored by Golden Homes


There is very little being done in New Zealand schools to address the academic and emotional needs of students who have dyslexia.  There is no screening process available through schools ...

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Window Treatments


It's an exciting time getting those keys for your brand new Golden Home! If you haven't already got your window treatments sorted, here are some helpful tips and suggestions to get you started.

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Golden Homes & the Black Sox


Golden Homes corporate support has been an unprecedented opportunity to promote not only the Black Sox nationally and internationally, but the game of softball throughout New Zealand.

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