Zog Steel Framing

Sometimes the best part of a new home is something you don't even see - like the Zog® steel framing that holds your house together.

Steel framing has been used for decades in the commercial industry, but it's a relatively recent development in New Zealand home building. And frankly, it's the best thing since double glazing.

A healthier, safer home for your family

Unlike traditional framed homes which are reported as containing high levels of contaminants such as arsenic, New Zealand made steel is a healthier choice. It's free of the harsh chemicals that are used to stop timber from rotting, and it can't harbour mould and mildew spores. For your family, that means less exposure to chemicals and fewer problems with allergies and asthma.

And in the unfortunate event of a fire, without all that timber to act as kindling, a steel frame gives your home a much better chance of surviving.

Quake safe

Steel-framed houses hold up better in earthquakes. With the strict manufacturing processes and quality control standards of steel, you get a product that performs consistently well under stress - unlike timber which, as a natural product, has individual weak points that can differ from piece to piece.

You might also be surprised to know that a steel frame weighs about a third as much as a timber one. A lighter frame means less weight for a quake to throw around. So if your home is in an earthquake, it'll stop moving sooner and will suffer far less damage.

Stable over time

Have you ever lived in an older house that had rattling windows, and doors that jammed? That was probably because of the timber frame. Timber's strong, but over time it has a tendency to bow and warp. As it dries out, it also shrinks slightly. That's when you get strange rattles and draughts, and when you start to notice that your home's not as new as it once was.

But homes built with Zog® steel frames won't have any of those problems. Steel can't twist, shrink, or warp, so your windows and doors stay exactly where they were when you moved in.

Affordable and local

Zog® is manufactured at plants around New Zealand, from 100% New Zealand steel. Using a local product means you pay less - a Zog® steel frame will cost you a similar amount to a conventional timber one. And not only that, by keeping it local you're supporting New Zealand industry and reducing your own carbon footprint.