Gold Standard Building System

For more than 25 years, Golden Homes have been building new homes that Kiwi families love.

They're homes designed for New Zealand lifestyles and New Zealand conditions, with top quality fittings, finishes and building materials. Now, you get the benefit of all our years in house building, with our very own Gold Standard Building System. It's where every aspect of building your home comes together in one superior package, and makes your Golden Home stand out above the rest.

But what's in the Gold Standard Building System that makes your Golden Home a better home? 
Read on, and find out.

Start With A Strong Foundation

Your home is built on a RibRaft concrete floor, a method where foundations sit directly on the ground. These types of foundations are quicker to construct than traditional methods, and they perform better in earthquakes too so they're recommended for all Christchurch rebuilds. For warmth and comfort, they come with insulation rating up to R2.2.


Zog® Steel framing that stands the test of time

With our very own New Zealand-made ZOG® steel framing, the structure of your home will be as strong as anything. Controlled testing has shown that a steel-framed house with brick cladding can withstand major seismic activity. And because steel can't rot or grow mould, it's healthier for your family too.


Lighter, more durable roofing

To keep the elements outside where they belong, Golden Homes® use metal tile or longrun roofs. They're lightweight, easy to maintain with long lasting colour, and ideally suited to New Zealand weather conditions - so you know the roof will do its job for many years to come.


Weathertight windows and frames

Aluminium window joinery specifically designed so that the extruded frames are directly fixed to the ZOG® Steel Framing providing superior strength and exceptional security against adverse weather conditions.  



Fire resistant

With ZOG® steel roof purlins, steel fascia and spouting and ZOG® steel framing, plus fire retardant roofing paper and interior wall board, most of the components that make up your home are highly fire resistant or totally fireproof.


Natural ventilation

Breathe easy - we install natural air integrated ventilators in all our bathrooms and toilets to remove damp, stale air and keep it fresh.


A quieter home

With 10mm GIB Ultraline® on your ceilings and walls, you'll have plenty of peace and quiet. And with its special Pearlcoat technology on its surface, you'll have a beautiful paint finish that can stand up to the rigours of daily living.


Long-lasting colour, inside and out

Your interior walls are painted with Resene Spacecote®, an exceptionally durable, abrasion-resistant and easily cleaned finish. Outside we use Resene Sonyx®, which is designed to reflect the heat and last longer, even in New Zealand's high-UV conditions.


All SeasonsTM Thermally broken double glazed windows and front doors

Thermal breaks on all your windows - and your front door - give you a warmer, drier home. They keep the condensation off your glass, as well as your aluminium window frames, so you'll have no problems with mould or the winter chill.


A durable protective shield

With Home-RAB® thermal barrier sheets under your building wrap, your steel framing is well-protected from any temperature fluctuations - and you gain R0.3 in total wall insulation.


A warmer, better-insulated home

With R5.0 insulation in your ceiling and a total of R2.5 insulation in your walls (thanks to the R2.2 insulation and R0.3 Home-RAB® thermal barrier sheet), your home will stay cool in the summer and be toasty warm in winter - and use as little energy as possible.



The LED lights you'll find throughout your home use up to 80 percent less energy than regular bulbs, and last up to 20 times longer. And with all that insulation to keep the heating and cooling you've paid for inside, you'll love the reduced power bills in your Golden Home.


Specifications are subject to change without notice.